Whoa! Mama… Who Am I?


Hi! Welcome to my page of the world!

Here at Whoa! Mama I’m the Zookeeper. My name is Rachel, and I am the Mama in our part of the world. My husband is Daniel, and the two of us try to run our little Zoo here. We live in a small apartment with our son, Emmeric, and our dog, Dobby the House Corgi.

We live in Tennessee and are enjoying a new life as a family of three. This is a safe place for us to share information about our family and our lives. I plan to share the story of my pregnancy, childbirth, and subsequent setbacks with Emmeric as well as more about our lives.

As for a little more about the person behind the blog? Here are some fun facts:

  • I’m a 29-year-old woman who has lived in Tennessee almost all my life.
  • I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in business administration but have never used it in any of my jobs.
  • I am a writer by hobby and have hopes of someday being published.
  • My favorite job has been working as an ESL teacher.
  • I enjoy reading, writing, cooking, and lots of DIY crafts.
  • I started this blog to share my thoughts about being pregnant, but I’m now hoping to share even more about labor, delivery, and other things that potential parents haven’t thought about before.

So come along for a ride as I share our stories. I hope to add lots of interesting content that touches on some of my favorite hobbies as well. Feel free to drop me a comment and follow me on social media!

– RaeNezL


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